Acupuncture Treatment for Impinged Supraspinatus

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Acupuncture Treatment for Impinged Supraspinatus

Dr. Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist) demonstrates how to treat shoulder pain due to an impinged supraspinatus with self-administered acupuncture, electroacupuncture, moxibustion and kinesiology tape.

This video is for educational purposes.

Anatomical Diagrams ~ Tortora & Derrickson 2012


Image 1.

Rotator cuff muscles

Image 2.

Muscles of the shoulder


Image 3.

Muscles of the upper back and shoulder


Image 4.

Shoulder joint

Image 5.

Glenoid cavity

Image 6.


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About the Author:

Chris Fehres lives in Brisbane and holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in acupuncture. Chris completed his degree in 2015 at Endeavour College of Natural Health where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the medal of academic excellence for highest achievement Australia-wide for acupuncture. He currently holds positions at Endeavour College as a contract tutor for higher education and alumni representative for the Course Advisory Committees for both the Acupuncture and Biosciences departments, as well as having been chosen as the focus for their 2017 - 18 Graduate Stories write up.

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