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The Great Expression

In the beginning there was the Great Expression. Call it the Big Bang – the beginning of the universe; call it the birth of existence and The All That Is; call it the inception of God’s journey of self-awareness. Whatever you call it, it does not change the fact that all of these terms are different names for the origin of all things – first there was nothing, and then there was something. And we as individuals are a result of this nothing becoming something. We are made up of the very same matter that was created at the beginning of the universe. We are all descendants of this. Indeed, we are are all part of this great expression; we are a collective product of the Big Bang; we are God. Individual and sentient, perfectly designed, environmentally interactive, expressions of the mind of God; the Source; the universe; The All That Is – who’s purpose is to engage in this eclectic myriad of experiences called life in our own unique ways. We are individuals, but not for the purpose of being separate from each other, rather for creating the diversity of life through our individual experiences of this reality. We are each a part of this combined intelligence that makes up the whole.

Intelligence is in everything. The same intelligence or great spirit manifesting in an endless array of forms. From an inanimate and seemingly purposeless stone; a single grain in a vast body of sand or the form of a fleeting rain drop, to the most intricate patterns inherent in the formation of plants or the physiology of the human being; the neural network of a living brain and the galaxies in our universe. All has a reoccurring pattern and a purpose. If this was not true, then nothing here would make any sense. There would be no laws for science or physics to define. If the universe was devoid of intelligence, atoms would stand static instead of massing together in complex and coordinated patterns to form molecules and then the building blocks of all things in existence. That is if they were to exist at all, for a reality without intelligence would have no need for such things. All has intelligence and therefore awareness. And awareness must expand.

If the eternal life spirit is indeed within everything, then the Earth too is a living being with water for blood, vegetation for tissue and tectonic plates for bones. She is waking up to the changes in her body in much the same way that we as individuals may awaken to a shift in our own lives and the necessity to change in order to grow. The earth is not a dormant ball of rock and water. She is a living being and she responds to changes in her physical form just as we do when we are ill at ease. She is our great mother, and sometimes we forget that we are only here because of her.

As humans we are incredibly fortunate to be amidst such a vast array of beautifully coloured energies. We have positively charged, warming energy from the sun, and negatively charged, cooling energy from the moon, and we are on the earth in the middle of these, experiencing a combination of them all. We are a part of this earth and this universe. We possess the same atoms in our cells that existed at the very beginning of it all. We are in the universe, and the universe is in all of us. If you speak it will listen. And if you listen, you will hear the response.

Thank you for taking the time. May peace always guide your way.

Chris Fehres

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About the Author:

Chris Fehres lives in Brisbane and holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in acupuncture. Chris completed his degree in 2015 at Endeavour College of Natural Health where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the medal of academic excellence for highest achievement Australia-wide for acupuncture. He currently holds positions at Endeavour College as a contract tutor for higher education and alumni representative for the Course Advisory Committees for both the Acupuncture and Biosciences departments, as well as having been chosen as the focus for their 2017 - 18 Graduate Stories write up.

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