Reading from Consciousness Gathering – 2nd April 2017 “A Spiritual Life”

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Reading from Consciousness Gathering – 2nd April 2017 “A Spiritual Life”

Spirituality means so many different things to so many different people and spiritual practices need not necessarily be defined by prayer or meditation, for anything we do in life that connects us to our purpose is our spiritual practice. Whether that’s playing football or sitting on a beach and just enjoying the view. Whatever your version of the creative force is in this reality, whether that’s God or evolution or a mixture of both, humans have an innate desire to be connected to something and to have purpose. And if we find that connection, then I would say we are on the right path.

Even an atheist can still have spiritual experiences, because even without a belief in a higher power, one can still have profound instances of self realisation and an understanding of their place in this world. And either way, faith in a higher power won’t get you very far if first you do not have faith in yourself.

Sometimes people can get so caught up in what they must do to feel this spiritual connection without even having an understanding of why they are doing it – what it is exactly they are searching for. And the fruits of self-enquiry and personal wisdom can be blurred by the influence of other people’s expectations, religious dogma or popular culture. If you are drawn to mantras or prayer, plant medicine or dancing around a fire, then that may work very well for you. But if your version of connecting to the source of your purpose and inner wisdom is simply sitting and being, then that can be more powerful than any ceremony or church service.

In the end, spirituality does not have to be defined solely by mystical experience or reviving ancient practices, and if we aim to only define it as so, then we may miss out on the real truth of what we are searching for. Perhaps spirituality ought to be defined not by the array of tools and practices we use, but the depth of the wisdom and scope of understanding that we gain along the way. And in whichever way you choose to do that will define your own unique spiritual path.

Thank you for taking the time. May peace always guide your way.

Chris Fehres

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Chris Fehres lives in Brisbane and holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in acupuncture. Chris completed his degree in 2015 at Endeavour College of Natural Health where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the medal of academic excellence for highest achievement Australia-wide for acupuncture. He currently holds positions at Endeavour College as a contract tutor for higher education and alumni representative for the Course Advisory Committees for both the Acupuncture and Biosciences departments, as well as having been chosen as the focus for their 2017 - 18 Graduate Stories write up.

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